Future-proof your home

Who wouldn’t like their own butler? It would making living over several floors so much easier. Our Butler lift or dumbwaiter will feel as if you have a personal assistant, by delivering goods to every floor at the touch of a button. Now there’s a selling point for a luxury home.

How did you live without one?

That’s what our Butler lift customers say within days of installation. Just think of the times you have carried shopping, food and drink upstairs. Or wished your empty plates and cups could be whisked away, while you relax. With a Butler Lift they can, just call the lift and send everything back to the kitchen. Your guests will be very impressed too.

Key features

  • Can be installed in its own structure in just a few days
  • Many models to choose from: capacity up to 100kg and entrances on any side.
  • Rise and fall shutters with waist height serving
  • Removable shelves for easy cleaning
  • Optional heater in lift car for moving hot food
  • Call and send controls on each landing
  • Visual and audio indicators at each entrance
  • Easy-clean hard wearing stainless steel or grey enamel finish
  • Choice of colours available for rise and fall shutters

Show it off or hide it – it simply makes life easier

Our Butler lift’s clean steel finish blends well with most interiors. However, the lift can easily be hidden behind a door or panel. It’s up to you: show it off or surprise people with your hidden personal butler – either way it will be indispensable, we promise.

Easy installation

The Microlift Butler lift is supplied in its own self-supporting structure so installation can be done in just a few days. Builders work will be required in preparation for the installation and cladding the structure will need to be completed to your own individual requirements. Our advisor can help you with the whole process.