Access all areas

Our Stratum lift provides easy and practical access over two floors, so that all the family (and visitors too) can relax in your home and enjoy the convenience of a lift to travel between floors. The Stratum means your house is always ready to welcome you home however tired you are, however much luggage you have, however mobile you are.

Stylish options to suit your lifestyle

Our self-supporting Stratum lift simply goes ‘through-the-floor’ over two levels and can be installed virtually anywhere in your home; from hall to landing, or study to bedroom.

The lift car can be half-height or fully enclosed. Both models discreetly close the ceiling aperture at both levels.

Key features

  • Self-supporting structure means the lift doesn’t require any major structural alterations in your home to accommodate a Stratum lift
  • 30minute fire integrity between upper and lower floors, whether the lift is parked upstairs or downstairs, including smoke detectors
  • Pressure sensitive safety surfaces and every safety feature have been incorporated
  • The lift will not travel if an obstruction is sensed or the door is not closed properly. Your safety is our priority at all times
  • Battery back-up allows the lift to return to the ground floor in safety in the event of a power failure
  • 12 month warranty with two services included

Make it your own

We offer the option to customise almost every aspect of the lift; from the type of glass to the colour of the cabin and the type of flooring, we can help you create the perfect finish to complement your home.

Stress-free installation

We manage the whole process and will discuss the installation process with you so you feel comfortable and confident that our lift installers will make it as easy as possible. The innovative design of the Stratum means no major structural work is required and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your lift will be adding a new dimension to your home.