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Old Age Rebels Inspiring the Millennial Generation

21 Mar 2019

Our latest study has revealed that young adults love the carefree attitude of their elders and how comfortable they are in their own skin. According to the poll of 2,000 UK adults aged 18-39, a…

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New Year’s Resolutions Fallen Through? Here are 5 Ways to Have a Fulfilling Year

28 Feb 2019

It’s now February, so how are those New Year’s resolutions holding up? If they are a distant memory already, you’re not alone, as a Strava study has shown that the second Friday of…

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Stannah Voted Best Stairlift Brand in Which? Report

09 Jan 2019

Stannah, the leading stairlift manufacturer and supplier in the UK, has been rated the top stairlift brand in a new Which? report, with an overall customer score of 75% - 8% more than its…

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Strictly Inspired? “Keep Dancing” for a Happier, Healthier You

03 Jan 2019

Strictly fever is in full force and, if you’re feeling inspired, why not take a leap of faith (or should that be a swivel) into the world of dancing! From line dancing to Latin, ballroom to…

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7 Reasons Why Over 75s Aren’t as Lonely as You Think

08 Nov 2018

We often hear of the connection between loneliness and the elderly; however, a recent BBC report revealed that young people actually feel the loneliest. So, age doesn’t necessarily equate to…

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5 Tips to Future-proofing Your Forever Home

17 Oct 2018

As we age, we may feel inclined to downsize our homes. It often feels the practical thing to do in the face of declining mobility. Over half (65%) of the nation’s over-65s are considering a…

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Ally Scoops the first Joseph Stannah Award at New Designers Exhibition

05 Sep 2018

The first Joseph Stannah award has been received by Josh King, for his innovative new device Ally, presented at the New Designers Exhibition 2018 at London’s Business Design Centre. Josh is a…

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5 Steps to Purchasing a Homelift

05 Sep 2018

As Stannah are predominately known for producing stairlifts, you might not realise that we have also been offering homelifts as a domestic home solution since 2011 when we introduced our Salise…

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Exercising in Older Age

20 Aug 2018

The way people talk about exercise, you’d think it could cure anything at all; it’s been proven to reverse physical decline, protect your brain, improve your mood, and keep your heart…

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Stannah supports Andover’s inspirational ‘I Can’ Therapy Centre

01 Aug 2018

There's a new exercise centre, with a difference, in Andover. The ‘I Can’ Therapy Centre, operated by independent charity Valley Leisure Ltd., combines the clinical knowledge and…

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