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The Stannah steplift 500 and 1000 help you maintain your independence. We can provide wheelchair access to an existing doorway and our steplifts are suitable for internal or external use up to a maximum height of 1000mm.

The easy-to-use steplift has been designed to make your life easier.
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Our steplifts are incredibly easy to use. With constant pressure push button controls, a shallow approach ramp and optional handrails, a Stannah steplift is perfect for improving access.

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Need a steplift for public access?
Please see our Lowriser. Ideal for both internal and external low rise travels up to 2m.

Built to last and provide years of reliable service, Stannah steplifts take less than a day to install. The price you are quoted will include any preparatory work that is required and your lift will be installed by highly trained lift engineers. As with any appliance of this sort we recommend an annual service and can offer a range of service contracts to meet your needs.

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